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Finally, my real-life assignment is finished! Keep an eye out for updates.


With apologies
… to our authors and readers, real life intervenes. There are no health issues; just other things taking precedence at the moment. The site will be updated again as soon as possible.


New story!
Understanding Nature by Mek. Enjoy!

Final chapter
… added to Turned On Peeking Daughter by BentArrow!


New chapter
… added to Turned On Peeking Daughter by BentArrow!


New chapters
… added to Turned On Peeking Daughter by BentArrow and The Prodigy by Forgetful Fish. We hope you will show them your appreciation!


Please welcome
… our newest guest author, Bob Tate!

We hope you enjoy his works and continue to send your kind feedback!

New chapters
… added to Turned On Peeking Daughter by BentArrow and The Prodigy by Forgetful Fish!


New chapter
… added to The Prodigy by Forgetful Fish. Enjoy!


New chapters
… added to Turned On Peeking Daughter by BentArrow and The Hunter by Jane Mayberry!


Please welcome
… our newest guest authors, BentArrow and Forgetful Fish!

We hope you enjoy their works and continue to send your kind feedback!


The email adventure continues:
“How do you look at the pictures in 3D?” (Mating Dance)

Take these steps:
  1. download DAZ3D;
  2. learn to use DAZ3D;
  3. talk the artist into giving you the original files;
  4. profit!
Silly cuntery aside, 3D art and 3D imagery are not necessarily synonymous. 😄

New chapter
… added to The Hunter by Jane Mayberry. 🙂


To A Supporter:
I have DLed the text archive. The password doesn’t work. Got it, thank you.


MrDouble addendum:
Several readers have asked whether we will be posting the international stories. The short answer is, we don’t know. As we work our way through the archives in our possession, we have yet to see any in a language other than English.

So, again: if anyone is in possession of any text-only files from the MrDouble site that you think may be missing from our collection, please let us know.


Regarding the MrDouble archives:
First, we want to say thank you for your interest in and comments on the archive. We know how important it is to save these works for posterity.

Second, we appreciate your patience. The archive comprises tens of thousands of files, and the upload is expected to take several weeks.


New short story:
The Park. Enjoy! 😀


Please welcome
… my newest guest author, Daddy Dark!

Daddy Dark presents, as you might expect, tales on the dark side of consensuality, without causing his characters any pain. I hope you enjoy his works.


The email adventure continues:
“First off, I’ve always enjoyed your storytelling. You’re an artist who deserves all the well-deserved accolades you have coming, but with regard to your ASSTR doomsday prognostication, I’m here to TELL you how wrong you are. It’s a massive rebuild to be sure, but it will be back, and creative genius of 2+ decades of authors will live on. Just remember, every last one of those authors whose footsteps you follow are counting on you to not give up the fight.”

Wow. Okay, point by point: first, I very much appreciate your kind words. Second, if you have evidence of this “massive rebuild”, please share it with us—I’ve seen nothing from Rey or anyone else that would support this assertion. (Third, I’d be very happy to be proven wrong; ASSTR was home for a long damn time.) Fourth, the first story I ever published would, were it a person, be old enough in April to buy alcohol in the US; I’m part of that two-plus decades. Finally, I do not see how running my own site counts as “giving up the fight”. 😄

New story:
Practical Education by Mek, in progress. Enjoy! 😀


Double, for nothing?
As many of you know, MrDouble’s stories site is dead, perhaps permanently. In fact, if the site ever comes back, no one should trust it with their personal information ever again.

With that in mind, we are now in possession of most if not all of the text-only archive, and are considering the publication here of those files. We believe it would be tragic to see all that work simply disappear.

However …

ACErotica will never be a membership or pay site. No doubt some of the authors who were profiting off their works would object to having them made freely available. Others may realise that finding another pay source may now be out of the question.

In addition, publishing these files could, potentially, bring us unwanted attention. While we will never knowingly allow anyone to use this site in a manner that would compromise our legality, there are those who would love to see us disappear—metaphorically or otherwise.

So, should we publish? Should we not? Tell us what you think.

Thanks for your participation.


Two new chapters
… added to The Hunter by Jane Mayberry. 😀


Still here, bitches!
That’s right—I’m not dead yet! Oh, sure, there's exactly one berk who wishes I were but, hey, I’m still hanging around and a lot longer than he. But enough about his micropenis.

Plans? Dunno yet. I still have stuff in the works, but real life—you know, for those of us who have one; but enough about his micropenis—tends to intervene. Kind of like the stifling odour that permeates the room when that one boy refuses to shower with the others after PhysEd. But enough about his micropenis. It’s just such a terrible misfortune to have a dick so small, it looks like his balls grew a fungus.

But enough about his micropenis.

Anyway, stay tuned here for updates. Because there will be updates. Because I'm not going anywhere, bitches!!! 😁

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