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As ‘Admiral Cartwright’, I have concentrated on creating works that I believe are of the best quality. Even where I venture into the fantastic—if not the outright unbelievable—it has always been my goal to offer stories that are entertaining and plausible while still trying to get the readers’ rocks off.

As a direct result (and as others have pointed out), I’m not particularly prolific in terms of quantity. Given the options, however, I hope I’ve made the correct choice.

Most of my work has a specific audience of which I, too, am a member. (Write what you know. If you can’t write what you know, write what you dream.) If you like my efforts, there’s a good chance you’ll like these as well. If not, hey, I tried. πŸ˜‰


Durango Dan
Dan’s been hanging about ASSTR since 2009, and thus has several dozen stories, some multi-parters, all in .txt format. Never mind the sometimes-stilted dialogue, you’ll waste a lot of DNA here. πŸ˜…

Fine Young Girls Erotica: six very good stories so far, and the play-acting in Sick Bay was particularly enjoyable. Fygero has chosen to give the same names to different characters in different scenarios, which is a bit jarring in back-to-back reads.

Chris Hailey
A good and prolific author himself, Hailey also features the works of numerous guest writers, including Belacqua, Duchinni, Stepdaddy, The Wolf, and this guy. A wide variety of story codes within the genre is the result.

Heavy on the Mg with a good dose of believable dialogue—and I’m a sucker for believable dialogue.

The Horniest Place On Earth
A sizeable repository of works mostly by sevispac and Persephone.

Tons to read here. Mostly Mg, long-form and short-form. Currently working on a multi-chapter Fb story.

A reader recently reminded me of Kellis, whom I haven’t read in a long time. I’ll have to catch up. Mostly grown-ups here, but with a fair sprinkling of the younger set.

If you’re looking to kill time—a lot of time—you could do a lot worse than Ken's site. Hundreds of text files, some multi-parters, covering most every genre.

Another prolific author offering several guest works, Torrid Tales of the Taboo is worth tolerating the occasional poor grammar and abominable Comic Sans. (Lasiter’s site ‘broke’ mysteriously in July 2018. It returned mysteriously in November 2019.)

Lesbian lolita stories. (I know, try not to be too surprised. πŸ˜) If the girl-on-girl sex in Jo and Lexi or Double Take got your nut, these stories are for you.

Loliwood Studios Remastered
The most comprehensive respository of “child erotica at its very best” was to be rebuilt, but is effectvely abandoned absent new administrative interest. The original Loliwood Studios, meanwhile, is here.

Art Martin
Plenty of horny young’ns here, too. Guest authors include Buddy Bear, Little Bree and E. A. Grant.

Frank McCoy
Author/editor Frank McCoy was one of the first to offer me kind words and advice. Had a thing for preggo stories. Years later, the US legal system made an example out of his mistakes.

Another case of ‘wouldn’t read everything on the list’. Most of it, though.

Pavel Nabokov
A reader reminded me of Pavel, whose page I hadn’t linked because the formatting is fucked up. Fortunately, the stories are fine. Better than fine, actually. πŸ˜‰

Dayvid Notellin
A prolific author who writes on “the vanilla side of kinky” and, therefore, right in my wheelhouse. Notellin does tend to lean toward the fantastic, though.

Old Uncle Jim
Stories that may or may not be based on real memories—but they’re fun anyway. (Old Uncle Jim is another author whose site disappeared from ASSTR without explanation. It is archived here.)

A repository for “stories about erotic mind control of or by underage characters.” Some stories could be considered consensual; others, definitely not.

Georgie Porgie
Lots of pudding/Lots of pie/But be warned/More ‘made them cry’!

Chase Shivers
Writers who are both very good and very prolific are few and far between. Shivers is one. Virtually every genre is covered here. I’m currently enjoying The ProtΓ©gΓ©.

Hasn’t posted anything on ASSTR since mid-2017 but, with over 100 stories, there’s plenty of imagination here to keep your eyes busy. And at least one hand. πŸ˜

Story Guy
If you can get past the early 1990s site design (and the liberal use of Comic Sans), there’s some good stuff here.

Taakal’s Erotic Stories
Taakal is a relatively new (2015) German author who translates his works to English—and quite well. Only a few stories, but several chapters will keep you busy. Can get kinky, but always consensual.

Tanya Writer
First-time and younger/older stories, some short, some long. Tanya writes from multiple points of view.

Alvo Torelli
Torelli tends toward non-consensual works, which is not usually my cup of Earl Grey, hot. “Hot” is an apt description of the work, however, and when consensual is right up my alley.

Uncle Sky
I wonder how much of Sam Ped lived on in Sam Knight?

Good site design, good writing. Includes erotic imagery.

Joshua Woode
Much of Woode’s work (Woodework? πŸ˜) also involves coercion. Nevertheless, the stories are well written and quite erotic.

The Young Girl Erotica Repository
TYGER features more than 100 text stories, last updated in 2005. Authors include Blueboy, Clayton, Chris Cummings, EdensGift, little_girl_watcher, NyteMyst, Phil Phantom, Rider, Spectre, Velvet Rose, The White Rabbit, and many more.

Other Sites

Archive of Our Own
AO3 is a massive archive of fanworks of all types, including literature, anime/manga, music, theatre, etc., with no restrictions on content. Making an account is only necessary if you wish to share your works as well.

J. E. Ashbourne
Includes “Daddy/Daughter, Mom/Daughter, Mom/Son, Bro/Sis, Sis/Sis, Young, Teen, Light Bestiality, Straight, Lesbian, Masturbation or Voyeur” stories. Fun fact: by coincidence, Jennifer Elise Ashbourne shares names with two of my characters.

Juicy Secrets
Lesbian love stories by Cheryl Taggert, JetBoy, Naughty Mommy and more. Their hosting issues have been resolved and new stories are being posted.

The former Lolicons ‘R’ Us was forced to take on a new name, and Lolicit lives on. Includes everything loli and shota, from 2D and 3D art to erotica of all flavours. Community participation required to gain access.

Renpet is another author who had the presence of mind to separate the consensual stories from the non-con. You must choose—but, choose wisely. Now hosted by Tempest.

It was Tempest’s lead I followed when it became increasingly difficult to upload files to ASSTR. Two categories: “romantic ~ erotic” and “sex only”. So prolific he writes something like ten stories between each of my visits. I exaggerate. Slightly. πŸ˜

The World of ‘A New Home’
BDSM stories featuring submissive teens. Again, not my usual cuppa, but this German author writing in English creates a compelling world from the depths of her own memories.

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