Beckster Meets Boo
by CrexCrex

Story codes: Mg7, voy, mast, cons
Summary: A pretty neighbour introduces her friend who needs a little comforting.

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Beckster Meets Boo
by CrexCrex
(Mg7, voy, mast, cons, 2019)

I first spoke to Rebecca when she was playing in the front garden with my neighbour's eldest daughter, Denka. I was doing some gardening and found a toad, grabbed my camera and, lying prone, began to photograph it. I think Denka was born in Romania and the family had come to Britain a couple of years ago with their three little girls. She spoke English exceedingly well and was the translator for the family, and she spoke to me often and I helped her parents whenever I could—who wouldn't when you had three little girls playing in their paddling pool in tight little swimsuits?

Both girls were interested and came over to watch; both were wearing short skirts in the hot weather and as they squatted down, I looked up and saw both smooth white panty crotches between their thighs.

Denka was thin and pretty, little ponytails in her hair and a pink summer dress, Rebecca was plump with a round smiling face and straight black hair in a sexy little shoulder-length cut, a white blouse and blue skirt. Rebecca realised quickly what she was doing and knelt down whilst Denka, who had flashed at me many times before, and knew I liked looking, widened her legs momentarily before adapting a more ladylike pose. As I got up I snapped a couple of shots of the girls.

"Can we see your snake?"

"OK, but make sure your Mum knows where you are."

I kept a small boa called Boo that Denka liked to handle; she loved the reptile, not scared at all, which for an 8-year-old girl was somewhat impressive in itself.

She ran back and shouted at her Mum that she was going into Sandy's house to see Boo.

Rebecca said that she lived with her Gran down in The Grove nearby, so I said it was OK if she knew she was with Denka and she nodded. The girls sat calm and cross-legged as Boo was produced; Becky was a little apprehensive but soon grew in confidence. I took a couple of pictures of her kneeling from above her, her white knickers on view and stretched taught between her legs.

"Come on, Fatty, my turn."

"Don't call me that."

I took the snake in my hands

"That's not very nice, Denka."

"Well everyone calls Becky that at school, don't they, Fatty?"

Becky's lip wobbled as she fought back the tears, then she ran upstairs sobbing to the bathroom. Denka shrugged her shoulders and we put the snake back in the vivarium.

"That's very hurtful you know."

"Its only in fun."

"Maybe for you but think about it from her point of view. I think you should apologise to her."

Denka's lips began to wobble as she realised my anger at her; she obviously had no idea of the hurt she was causing and I felt slightly guilty myself at upsetting my little friend.

"You can you talk to her and tell her I didn't mean it." With that she rushed out of the door in tears leaving me to pacify poor Becky.

I went upstairs.

"Its OK Becky, Denka didn't mean it, she's gone back home now anyway so you can come out now."

"But they all say I am fat and not pretty and I wont get a boyfriend."

"Well I think you are lovely, come out and have a cuddle with me."

"Do you mean it?"

"Of course."

The door opened and she looked up at me, I knelt down and gave her another tissue to wipe her eyes. I knelt down and she snuggled against me and I gave her a hug.

"That feels so nice, Gran never hugs me."

I held her tight and said that I hadn't had a hug for a long time either and it felt nice for me too. I asked her if she would like to see the pictures I had taken earlier and she smiled enthusiastically.

I loaded the memory card and with me seated she stood beside me, and I put my arm around her waist.

"I am too fat aren't I?"

"Well maybe just a little plump but if you cut out the fizzy drinks and crisps"—she nodded—"and took more exercise you would be much fitter in no time; you can come walking with me if you really want to."

"Really, I'd love that. My Gran buys lots of that stuff coz it's easy but I'm trying to stop. My biology teacher tells us all about eating fruit and vegetables so I need to try harder."

The pictures came up on the screen, the girls in the garden, then Becky in the lounge.

"You can see my knickers," she giggled.

I zoomed in on her face and then her hands holding the snake, and then panned down so that her tight white cotton panties, stretching between her open thighs, filled the screen.

"That's naughty, isn't it?"

"I like looking at pretty girls' knickers, do you mind?"

"No, not really, you can't see anything anyway and they are very clean aren't they!"

"Do you want to see some more photos, maybe my holiday in Mexico?"

"Oh yes, just for ten minutes though I must be getting back, can I … sit with you?"

I got up to allow her to sit but she wanted to sit on my lap. After looking at her white panties on screen my shorts were restricting a rising lump in my pants but a subtle rearrangement had her ample bottom wedged in my lap hard against me. She said nothing moving almost deliberately against me to get comfortable.

With my left arm around her she lay back against me and watched the show, legs either side of mine; we were cuddled very comfortably against each other. She smelt of little girl, her hair clean and fresh her short dress riding up her legs.

My hand, no longer controlling the mouse, rested on her right leg and rubbed gently above her knee, she moaned softly and said quietly that my hand was cold.

I laughed and warmed it up and returned it to caress her soft flesh. She loved the blue sea and the birds but wanted to see me the one of me in my swimming trunks again, I brought the picture up and zoomed in on me, this time she giggled as she saw the bulge of my cock on the enlarged screen.

"Mmm that is what I wanted to see, you in your knickers!"

She wiggled again, and whispered, pointing at the screen.

"I can see it there … and feel it on my bottom."

I cuddled her close, kissing the back of her neck and pulling her harder into my lap, letting my imagination run riot I realised that I was actually pushing my erect penis against her, masturbating myself against a real warm little girl.

Still looking at the screen she widened her legs an inch or two, causing my hand to move up her thigh and dropping between her legs, my thumb reached out and touching the hollow where her knickers joined her leg. I pulled away slowly but her hand took mine and moved it up between her legs and pressed my fingers against the crotch of her panties. She moved up against my touch, increasing the pressure and I could feel the lips of her little vulva beneath the thin cotton material.

"Now that's very naughty," I whispered to her as I kissed her neck.

"It feels so nice when you touch me there, much better than when I do it."

Again I pulled my hand away.

"Please don't stop, I want you to make it wet for me."

"I'm sorry, Becky, I shouldn't be doing this, I could get into a lot of trouble because you are so young and I am touching you down there."

"Don't stop, I wont tell anyone."

"I know you won't, but it's still wrong for me to do it."

"Don't you like it too? I thought if you liked looking at my knickers you would enjoy stroking me, please Sandy, touch me, I do it all the time and Gail at school said it's much nicer when someone else does it for you."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, please touch my slit, put your fingers on my little slit."

As this little girl clearly knew what she wanted, I began to push my fingers against her vaginal crack and she clenched her buttocks and pushed forward against my fingers. I was actually masturbating this seven-year-old girl who was sitting on my lap. She was squirming against me; I was lifting her up now pushing my cock against her buttocks, whilst fingering her through her knickers.

Her breathing became faster and little moans came from her throat. She suddenly clenched her legs together and with a shriek ran off to the bathroom, and in a couple of seconds I heard her pee, her breathing fast and almost out of breath.

She took her time then came back, whilst I was sniffing and licking my fingers, getting her scent.

"I'm sorry, I felt I had to pee, it felt really nice when I did, all tingly as it came out, but I wet my knickers too."

"That's OK, as long as it feels good for you, it's not unusual when a girl gets touched like that there is pressure on your bladder. Most like to pee first so there are no accidents, but some girls like to wet themselves during sex or have the guy watch if both partners like it."

She climbed back onto my lap.

"Do you want to watch me next time?"

"I'd love to if that's OK with you."

"Were we doing sex?"

"Well we are certainly playing; I was masturbating you, just touching you on the vulva."

"Is that the proper name for my slit?"

"That's right, the vulva is the outer opening and your vagina is the little hole inside, the little bump at the top that feels nice when you touch it is your clitoris or clitty."

"Va-gin-a, that's a nice word, I have heard it before, I like my vagina. I can put my finger right inside my vagina."

"Wow, you will have to show me that too!"

"I could really feel you under my bottom before I had to go, can I see it?"

"Have you ever seen a boy before?"

"Just my baby cousin, his Mum called it his pennies?"

I smiled at her words.

"Yes, that is right, I'd love to show you my penis if you are sure, how about I show you a picture of me without those trunks on first?"

"Oh yes, could I really?"

I opened another file, this time of pictures of me naked. I loved to pose and send them to email girlfriends around the world; I'm sure not all were girls but I didn't mind, I had a nice cock even though I say it myself and if others like it too then fine by me. There were hundreds of pictures there but I pulled a few up that had me semi-erect, then fully erect and the foreskin pulled back, some shaved, others hairy.

"Sometimes I shave all the hair off because it feels nicer, but it soon grows back."

"Its so big, does it hurt?"

"No, not at all, it loves being rubbed and touched."

She reached between our legs and felt my hard cock beneath her. "Lift up a moment and you can touch me properly."

She gasped as I quickly pulled my shorts down to the floor and shucked them from my feet, sitting back down and inviting her to straddle me again, only this time with my cock pointing high into the air.

"Now sit back down with my penis coming up between your legs, there, that's it, now use your hand to push it against your knickers, ooh I can feel how wet you are."

"Wow it's so hard and hot."

She was pushing her slit against the root of my cock and holding the rest tight up against her stomach, the tip almost reaching her navel. I reached round and began to rub myself harder up against her soaking wet underwear. I wanted to prolong the game a little so I turned her around and I lifted her up onto the desk and pushed her dress up above her thighs, widening her legs to rest either side of mine so that I could look up into her crotch; her knickers were virtually transparent and plastered tight against her prominent little slit.

She scooted down towards me and grabbed the waistband of her undies and pushed them down her legs and put them on the desk next to the keyboard. She then placed her feet still in her little white socks on my thighs and opened her legs.

I rubbed my cock harder as she reached down and opened up her bald little pussy and gently put the tip of her finger inside her vagina and pushing against the bump of her clit. She was masturbating again just for me; it was more than I could concentrate on when her feet pushed against my cock and brought the cum rushing up to spurt in high arcs onto my blue t-shirt and her cotton socks. She stopped in surprise but I took myself in hand to maximise my orgasm and the next spurt hit me in the face, and the next shot over my shoulder in one of the most intense climaxes I could remember. I pulled her towards me, down onto my lap but facing me this time and hugged her and said she had just made me feel really good. Her cunny was tight against my dribbling wet and still very hard cock.

"What was all that stuff?"

"That was my sperm, you were very clever to make it come out like that, thank you so much."

I was just about to explain more to her when the front door latch went and I heard Denka from the hallway, shout that Becky had to get home quickly. I lifted her off my lap and she quickly pulled her dress down and put her sandals on.

There was a small wet patch on her blouse where she had hugged against some of the sperm on my t-shirt, but otherwise she seemed unmarked. She skipped off downstairs saying that she would come back after tea. "Anytime, Beckster," I called after her.

"'Beckster'. I like that!"

I lay back relaxing and picked up her wet panties and put them to my face, tasting my new little girlfriend, and spreading my legs wide began to masturbate again thinking of that tight little pussy, which I hoped I would be able to lick and taste directly in the very near future.

"What'cha doing?" came Denka's voice from the bedroom doorway.

"Can I see?"

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