The Quiet Carriage
by CrexCrex

Story codes: Mg, MFg, 1st, exh, voy, inc, mast, cons
Summary: British trains have a Quiet Carriage—a place to relax on your journey, and, on those joyous uncrowded off-peak services, a place to fantasise about your fellow travellers!

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A little work in progress inspired by a recent train journey down from Northern England; let me know if it has the wheels to run! Sexy little girls are quite usual in the Quiet Carriage, you know! For those of you across the pond, this, usually at the end of the train, is a retreat from mobile phones, not-so-personal music systems, and screaming kids.

The Quiet Carriage
by CrexCrex
(Mg, MFg, 1st, exh, voy, inc, mast, cons, 2019)

The Quiet Carriage wasn't exactly that; a large family had taken up residence near to my table as we sped away from York on our way to London. A Jewish family: a studious father in traditional hat and dress; an elder son of 12 or so, I assumed, similarly attired; two younger sons who seemed to be causing most of the noise; a striking dark-haired mother with a toddler, a girl, in a pushchair, her round kindly face beamed friendliness that was difficult to ignore; and beside her a little girl of around six or seven, with her mother's short dark bob of hair, smiling eyes and pouting mouth.

I was reviewing my photos of the week's cycle trip as the train gathered speed, and looked up occasionally to see the antics of this large tribe.

Father was deep into his books and Mother was having difficulty with the toddler but a mere look was all it took to quiet the boys and the peace returned. She smiled over at me again and the little girl whispered to her Mum. She laughed and quietly looked again in my direction.

She moved to the door and disappeared into the toilet; it was as if she wanted me to know where she was going and my imagination ran riot as I imagined her pulling her tights and knickers down to pee with me watching—oh to see a little girl like that would be heaven.

My cock stirred in my tight lycra shorts and I pressed my hands into my lap to ease the tension.

On her return she was staring at me so I gestured to my camera and the little girl nodded so I beckoned to her and she looked to her Mum for permission, which was quickly granted, and she moved around the table to sit next to me.

"My name is Miranda, everyone calls me Milly … what's yours?" she whispered.

"Sandy, very pleased to meet you, Miranda."

"My Mum's name is Rachel."

She wore a short navy blue skirt with a high buttoned-up blouse, and her gleaming white tights were set off by her shiny black shoes as she leaned over to look at the pictures with me. She liked the wild places I had visited and even recognised a few places in the city of York.

"We live near there, just going to London to see Grandma."

I asked her if she would like to see a photo of herself and she nodded enthusiastically and leapt across the gangway and sat on the empty table across the aisle, her legs swinging in the air.

I took a couple of shots of this sweet little girl and she even started to pose, lifting one leg up, then the other and sitting cross-legged, then hugging her knees. I could see right up her dress, her tights preserving her modesty but beautifully stretched taught between her young thighs.

She jumped back and I showed her the results.

"That's good, oh that's a naughty one, can I show Mummy?"

I shrugged OK and she took the camera to Rachel.

"Oh look, you can see right up your little skirt. Are you hot in those tights, Milly? you can take them off if you'd like to."

"Yes I will."

Milly gave the camera back to me and reached under her skirt and pulled the tights down, then she sat up on the table across the aisle from me and shook her shoes off, then pulled her legs up and her tights off each leg, one at a time. She had her legs just apart again and this time her little pink panties were fully displayed, bunched up between her legs. I grabbed the camera again and shot off a few pictures, using the multishot programme so as not to miss a moment. I even zoomed in to the beautiful little crease in her crotch where there was even a little spot of darker material.

"Oh that's really sexy, Milly, I love your pink panties."

Her mum did not object to me calling her little girl sexy.

"Yes she loves to show off like that, don't you, Milly?"

Milly placed her hands under her knees and pulled them up and apart, pulling her panties tight against her pubis, her little slit now prominent and there was no doubt about the wet patch now. After wondering at this lewd display for a few seconds my camera began to whirr away again; this was stunning and my cock thrummed for release. Here I was taking close ups of a little girl's wet cotton panty crotch, the crease of her preteen honeypot beautifully outlined in the dark pink material.

I wanted to touch her and taste her, to show her Mum just how delicious a little girl can be between her legs.

Milly even reached down and gave herself a quick rub, pushing the material between the lips of her tiny slit. I put one leg up on the seat so that the little girl could see between my legs, too; the tight cycling shorts outlining the ridge of my excited cock. I keep myself shaved too so that it was even more prominent.

Rachel moved into the seat opposite me when she saw this and peered over at me. I noticed she was pregnant, her light maternity dress outlining her lump beautifully.

"Umm, we seem to be having the desired effect don't we? I keep telling Milly to wipe herself properly when she goes to the toilet but she seems to be dribbling between her legs again. Josh, can you get my bag down for me please?"

Her smaller son who had been watching these events took Rachel's bag from the rack and handed it to her. Rachel lifted the toddler onto the table and began rummaging in her bag. The toddler reached up and began stroking her mother's breast.

"Yes, one moment, Tabitha."

She produced a little pink egg from her bag, one with a lead and control. She lifted the hem of her dress and pushed the plastic object down her panties and between her legs, fiddling a little to place it correctly and then handed the control across the table, then undid the top buttons on her dress opened the nursing bra and allowed the little girl to latch on to her left breast.

The train began to slow and I realised we were moving into a station. Without a moment's hesitation, Milly climbed down and across the seat to sit on my lap, resting against my chest and her legs either side of mine. She lifted her dress up and settled her panty-clad bottom against the black lycra of my shorts, pushing back and trapping my penis between the cheeks of her little bottom.

As she pushed back I held her hips and lifted mine towards her, rubbing myself against her little body. Nobody was getting on our carriage but the other platform was quite busy and it turned me on so much that a few feet away people were watching this little girl innocently riding horsey on my lap.

Milly reached across and handed me the white plastic control.

"If you turn this on slowly for Mummy, then you can rub my cunny with your fingers if you want to."

I turned the dial a tiny bit and as expected heard a hum arise from between Rachel's legs; she adjusted her position and looked at me intently as her youngster sucked at her breast. My right hand ran up Milly's thigh and in between her legs, which she widened to give me better access.

I felt the smooth cleft of her hot little cunt beneath her knickers and pressed in to feel the smoothness of her tiny slit and the wetness, which had now soaked the little girl's underwear. Milly whispered that it felt nice and to turn the buzz up for her Mum.

Milly reached down and pulled the crotch of her pants to one side.

"There, now you can rub my little twinkle properly."

I looked across at her Mum, who was begging me with her eyes to increase the vibrations, so I cranked it up louder and she settled back with a moan as the little egg settled to hit its target between her legs.

The train lurched slightly as it began the final leg of the journey to London, my finger slipping just inside the vagina of my little travelling companion. She gave a little squeal of surprise and obvious delight at the invasion.

"That feels nice, better than my crayons."

I wondered what delights would follow; I knew I had over an hour of fun to look forward to with this little girl and her sexy Mum …

I cuddled little Milly closer as the train pulled away and gathered speed.

"So you like to play with your crayons do you?"

"Yes, they are only little waxy ones but they feel nice."

"What do you do with them, you sexy little thing?"

"Well I get them nice and slippery and they fit inside my twinkle hole just nice, Daddy says I should keep doing it so my hole opens bigger like Mum's."

I remembered a story I had read where some parents had discovered some paper sleeve wrappings torn from around their eldest daughter's crayons. She said she did it because they hurt her and she liked the smooth finish better when she moved them in and out. Still mystified they asked her to show them what she did with them and so she licked a yellow one and, lying back on the sofa, spread her little legs and put it gently inside her tiny vagina. After their initial surprise, her parents helped her and her baby sister and encouraged them to masturbate, soon joining in and becoming a very special little loving family.

Milly spread her legs wider and pushed herself down, forcing my finger inside her to the knuckle.

"See, it goes in deep doesn't it?"

"Yes, Milly. It feels really hot and tight inside your little cunt, does your Daddy like to put his finger in there too?"

She looked across to Mum for reassurance, Rachel smiled and nodded.

"All the time, Uncle Danny, Paul and Josh sometimes touch me there too, but they are not allowed to put it in me, they are not as gentle as when Daddy does it."

I looked across at Rachel.

"Well, we are a very close family aren't we, Milly, especially now when I'm expecting, you are very helpful in looking after Daddy and your uncle too."

"Yes I help them get the sperm out too 'cause they are not allowed to be sexy with Mum."

Rachel explained her predicament. "Well, you see, our religious sect dictates that a man cannot lie with a woman whilst she is pregnant, or indeed have any sexual contact, and as this is my fifth child and the fact that he is away on business for weeks at a time, means my poor love has had a long time without his marital comforts.

"We have found some solution and comfort in the family, hence my young brother-in-law Daniel, over there, has been very good to me whilst Carl is away, and also we have our regular trips to see my mother in London.

"However it is also tradition that the pregnant wife and her unborn be blessed with as much sperm as possible from lovers chosen by members of her family in turn. As Milly has now been blessed by her Daddy's semen, it is her turn to choose for the first time. I think she has chosen wisely."

"I am honoured to be chosen, Milly, what must I do?"

"You must squirt all your sperm into Mummy's baby hole as often as you can, 'cause Daniel and Daddy aren't allowed."

I looked across to where her Dad and Uncle were sitting. Daniel looked to be a mere boy under his formal dress. A dream come true, a heavily pregnant lady wishing to use my body to her specification.

Rachel read my mind. "Yes he is only eleven but lives with us now as part of our family, he has got a lovely little cock that is hard all the time, isn't it Milly?"

"It is, and he cums sperm lots."

"Yes he does, for almost a year now, he says, but I only found out when he came to stay and I saw him ejaculate sperm for the first time, I was so proud of him."

"I can't wait for Paul and Josh to do it."

"Nor can I, my love, they like playing with their hard cocks though already don't they?"

"Will they get in bed with you when Daddy is away like Daniel does!"

"Only if they want to, although they will now have to wait for Daniel to squirt sperm in Mummy first won't they?

"Yes, when he came over for the Christmas Holidays, we could see he was touching himself a lot, and it was obvious from his bed that he was having wet dreams too, poor boy."

Milly questioned this new phrase whilst moving gently against me. I lifted her up a little in order to ease the pressure she was putting on my swollen cock.

"It's when a boy has an exciting sexy dream," I explained, "and the sperm shoots out all on its own and he wakes up just as he does it."

"What, without rubbing it?"

"That's right, it happened to me a lot when I was younger, it doesn't feel quite as good as it does when you do it while you are awake and you usually make a big mess, too."

"Daddy always makes a big mess when he shoots his sperm on me too. Are you going to pull your shorts down so I can see your penis? It feels really hard."

"Only if we can get your panties off too, they keep getting caught up with my fingers rubbing your little girl cunt."

"Are you going to lick my cunt like Zuber does?"

Rachel again filled in the gap as she laid her suckling child down on the seat next to her, gently massaging her used nipple, red and swollen from the attention it had received.

"He is Mum's black Labrador, very nice he is too, a huge thick tongue and has got enough sperm for everyone I think."

"Yes, when his penis gets pink he drips his sperm all over the floor, like a wet dream," she giggled.

"I hope to meet him soon, he has very good taste if he spends his time pleasuring beautiful little girls."

Wow, this is my sort of family, I thought, openly involving their young children in sex and not averse to a little canine adventure too.

Jyoti and I had watched a few doggy movies, she was scared but more than interested when she saw the stamina and copious uncontrolled spurts of cum that the dogs were capable of producing. I'd love to see this little girl getting herself off on doggy tongue lapping.

Milly reluctantly raised herself from my lap, sat up on the table, and, turning to face me, shimmied her panties down her legs and off one foot, then opened her legs to my admiring gaze.

Rachel continued her story as I gazed at pink wetness of her tiny daughter's very aroused vagina, placing her black-shoed feet over my shoulders, pulling her bottom towards me with both hands and burying my face between the smoothest of thighs and finding her fat little slit with my tongue.

"Well, when Carl was on his two-week course in Israel, I told Daniel that it was perfectly natural to play with himself, and, indeed would often prevent him from shooting sperm whilst he was asleep which, of course, he already had worked out for himself. Once the boys had gone to bed, I convinced him to come and sit with me after we had had our showers.

"We talked a little about his penis standing up all the time and masturbation and he said that he had done it a lot each day in his room when he was living with his Aunt Judith, but since he shared a room with the boys here was too scared. He loved rubbing his penis but said he had only started to shoot real white sperm the month before, just around his eleventh birthday.

"I was delighted to tell him that whenever he needed to masturbate to knock on my door because when Carl was away, I would probably be in there, masturbating myself and playing with my cunt most of the time anyway.

"Anyway, I got down in front of him and worked my hands up under his gown and sure enough he was stiff as little iron bar. I asked him if he had any sperm for me now and he said yes and spread his legs. I rubbed him, then sucked on his cock and he spurted in my mouth in quick fashion, a bit watery boy sperm but delicious and there was lots of it. My first taste of boy sperm. We can't wait for Paul and Josh to start making cum of their own, can we Milly?"

My little girl squirmed against my tongue in agreement.

"Daniel got a little bit shy after he had cum in my mouth so I got him to scoot down on the floor, and swapped places with him, shrugging open my robe and opening my legs and showing him my cunt. I asked him if he had seen a girl between her legs before and he said that a girl at school he liked, had let him put his hand down her knickers and feel her little slit. I guided his hand to my cunt and showed him how to rub the clit and tease it open, making the wet come out, then sliding two fingers into me with ease."

I heard Rachel move around the table and come to sit next to us, I looked up from my delicious treat as she grabbed my hand and directed it between her legs.

The little egg was placed just inside her and had done its job; the battery was obviously weakened but her little panties were soaked through. I slipped a finger into her hot wet cunt, feeling the fleshy lips grasp against me, and pushing the plastic egg deeper into her vagina. My thumb found the hard tip of her clit and pushed it upwards. She closed her legs on me and pushed against the seat, grunting and gasping as she did so.

"I presume it didn't take little Daniel long to make you cum then, and I suppose you forced the little lad to fuck you there and then."

She took a moment, recovering a little from her exertions. She laughed.

"Sweet Jesus, yes, I really had to force him, I just held onto his sweet little arse while he fucked me and filled my vagina with his second load of spunk. After that he was in my bed for the whole week, we were fucking five or six times a day, I even got him to come home from school for lunch so he could sperm in me again."

"I presume Carl approved."

"Oh yes, we were often on the telephone to him when Daniel was inside me, and Milly took some video and pictures for him to see didn't you?"

"Does he know he is going to be a Daddy too?" I whispered.

Rachel smiled; I had obviously nailed that one.

"Can we see if Sandy has some sperm, Mummy, I want to see how big it is."

"Well if you can drag your little cunt away from his mouth, my darling, I am certainly ready for some detailed attention, time is running out, we need to arrange things here for a comfortable fuck."

Rachel heaved herself out of the chair and scooted up onto the table whilst Milly sat back next to me and pushed the waistband of my shorts down. I had to help her and lifted my bum from the seat to allow easy removal, lifting my legs one at a time to remove socks and shoes as I did so.

I widened my legs and Milly shouted with surprise.

"Wow its really standing up, Mum, he's got no purple bit, or sperm hole, its all big and round skin."

Rachel peered down at me.

"Ah uncut, that is nice too; shaved too, that's unusual."

"Well I know you like boys, I can be any age you want me to be."

"With a cock that size?"

I took Milly's hand and allowed her to pull down the foreskin revealing a more familiar male penis to her admiring gaze.

"There is another one inside," she giggled.

I smiled at her logic as I peeled off my shirt. I love being an exhibitionist so now I was totally naked and standing to attention ready to fulfil one of my long held fantasies, one which I had never dreamed of fulfilling, simply to cum inside a pregnant woman.

"Wow, that looks long enough to reach my baby, you'll have to take it easy whilst I get used to it."

Rachel was still wearing her dress but had pulled her wet pants to one side and was just pulling out the plastic egg as I stood and moved to the end of the table. The height was all wrong, however, and so I directed Milly to put a soft bag against the window and I pushed Rachel back so she was supported, then stood one leg on each side of the table and pulled her back against me so that cock met cunt at a perfect angle.

"Have you done this before, a perfect arrangement, oh that's going deep."

I lay forward and entered her, my feet now pushing against the arms of the chair, countered by her leverage against the window. We were tightly joined, Milly looking in from behind and commenting on how big my balls were and that they must have a lot inside them.

"Maybe once on a train, but never like this, or with a beautiful pregnant Mum."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Daniel and Carl watching us, stroking their cocks for all they were worth, masturbating hard as they saw a naked stranger mating publicly with their wife and lover. Milly was torn between helping them or staying to watch and ensure I ejaculated inside her mother as I had promised.

She moved over to her dad and cousin, lifting her dress and laying between them on their table with her legs open, one leg being held by each masturbating guy.

Rachel's flimsy dress barely covered her swollen breasts as I slapped against her gravid belly.

"My little unborn daughter is going to be the first to taste your sperm, isn't she? She will be covered in semen, splashed in cum, her little cunt ready for you already."

That was too much for me as I thrust hard inside this desperate pedo-mum, the walls of her swollen cunt rippling as she came with me. I felt ropes of cum spurting deep into her belly as I fulfilled my promise.

Looking right into her eyes, we radiated mutual satisfaction.

She whispered to me that she must have lots more of that.

We both looked over to where Milly was being blessed, Carl and Daniel,standing over her and spurting their cum onto her belly, both cumming together and Milly pushing their sperm down towards her vagina and massaging it between her puffy lips.

"See, I've got sperm inside me too, Mum."

"Clever girl."

"I want some of Sandy's next time."

"I think Mummy needs it all, baby, we'll see."

The announcer indicated five minutes to London as the train slowed to a crawl. The stations we were travelling through were crowded and I grabbed a shirt and sat down to dress.

I noticed the girls simply sat down, re-arranging their dresses, although both kept a hand between their legs gently massaging their engorged clits and taking the odd taste of semen from their leaking vaginas.

"What are you doing this week?"

"Actually I am down for the cricket at Lords."

"Really, Mum's place is five minutes walk from the ground, you must stay with us if you can."

"I was due at a friend's place this evening, Norman will want to see me … but I'm sure he can meet up with me at the ground tomorrow."

"I hope he has a big cock too."

"Well, actually yes, but he is nearly 80, but Jyoti has seen him cum lots of times so he is still very able."

"I think Milly will enjoy him."

"She probably will."

"I think my Mum will enjoy you too, but she might not get the chance."

We disembarked.

I walked just behind this sexy family, looking delightedly at a happy pregnant Mum and her six-year-old daughter, walking purposefully, hand in hand, short flimsy dresses, damp against their thighs in places and with streaks of wet cum dripping down the insides of their legs.

To be continued …

Coming soon: the House at St Johns Wood; Mum helps the guys; Zuber shows his pedigree; and Milly convinces almost everyone just how much she needs cock inside her.

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