Story codes: MF, Mg8, cons
Summary: Sometimes, unlocked doors make good neighbours.

The following work of fiction is written by Admiral Cartwright (a pseudonym) and presented for entertainment purposes only. Copyright © effective 2018. Distribution of this material or of any predecessor(s) for profit and/or with this information abridged shall constitute a violation of intellectual property law and may result in some serious shit. Unless, of course, you ask the author first.

Praise for Felicity

“Deftly written, as we’ve come to expect.”

“I wish I had neighbours like them, and an understanding wife.”

“‘Wow’ is about all I can say.”

“Magical twist!! I take my hat off to you, Sir!”

“An awesome ending.”

This story came from an idea that hit me while writing a much longer story that is still in progress. The clash in context prompted me to offer this separately, especially since it just seemed to flow out.


Rob vaguely remembered Tess saying something about being called in to work, which was pretty rare this early on a Saturday morning, but not all that weird.

What was weird was waking to the tiny hand exploring Rob’s cock, which was either as hard as he could ever remember, or seemed that way in his grogginess.

That hand certainly did not belong to Tess, so Rob carefully opened one eye and almost jumped out of his skin. Lissy sat on her knees between Rob’s legs and was softly stroking his erection, pulsing in time with his quickening heartbeat. She giggled when it twitched, but her face was pure concentration otherwise.

Gobsmacked, Rob only barely squelched the need to demand that Lissy explain just what the fuck she was up to. Stroking a grown man’s very hard cock should be traumatic to a little girl, he thought, until it occurred to him that she had at least a rudimentary understanding of the process. Screaming at her could be the real trauma, Rob reasoned, but … but what? He should stop her, but … but why? He was so close to squirting what no doubt would be a huge load, but …

But, hell, he thought. She wants it, let her get it. If it’s traumatic, it’s her own damn fault.

Rob tensed, moaned, gripped the sheets with both hands, squeezed his glutes taut, and let fire one of the most powerful squirts he’d ever experienced, shot so high into the air that his second squirt began before the first landed on his belly. Lissy didn’t stop; rather, she whispered a “Whoa!” as he continued to fill the air and his midsection with a flood of cum. Peeking carefully through one eye and the haze of sleepiness being evaporated by the stars behind his eyelids, Rob could see Lissy’s expression, one of wide-eyed wonder and half-smiling awe at the fruits of her labour.

Gasping for air, Rob slowly relaxed in afterglow. Lissy climbed off the bed and padded into the adjoining bathroom, turning on the sink. When she returned, Rob felt a warm washcloth tend to the puddled cum on and around his softening cock. The sink ran again, Lissy wrung out the cloth and hung it to dry, and returned to Rob long enough to pull the covers back up over him.

As she passed his bedroom door, Rob croaked a “thank you”, prompting the girl to giggle and run for the front door.

Felicity was the eight-year-old (“Almost nine!”) daughter of their next-door neighbour, Landi. Yolanda hated her full name, at least according to what Rob overheard one day when Tess was chatting her up. As for Felicity, ‘Lissy’ stuck when the then-toddler couldn’t quite get the hang of her name.

Rob and Tess were the owners of their modest duplex, and Landi and Lissy were already tenants, and good ones, when the home was purchased. Landi, a single mother, was a nurse, and Tess a visiting physician with her own clinic; it was surprising that they’d never met before, since they’d worked in the same building a few times. Still, that common ground led to plenty of stories and gossip about goings-on, cute male doctors, and the like. Tess knew Rob was not the jealous type; still, the girl-talk—and the fact that Landi was smoking fucking hot—often led Rob to beg off any long conversations and instead take refuge in his home office, the converted second bedroom. A software engineer, Rob had spent the last few years wondering how he’d landed Tess, who was smoking fucking hot in her own right.

Tess, too, had spent her formative years as a total nerd, with prep and med school taking her away from painful interactions with boys who couldn’t care less about her career. But when Rob arrived to set up the computers in her brand-new clinic, it was love at first sight.

If Rob was not the jealous type, Tess was worse, occasionally teasing him with some pointed compliment over their neighbour’s sexiness or perhaps a tidbit she’d learned about Landi’s love life. As for Lissy, she was just the kid of the neighbour. Sweet kid; a very pretty girl who apparently took more after her father, but was beautiful in her own right, and nothing more.

Until this morning. Rob finally sat up and turned toward the edge of the bed, still in shock. “Almost nine” Lissy had just made him cum all over himself, washed it off, and giggled on her way out.

“Hey, Rob! Got a minute?”

Startled, Rob almost froze, but he managed to keep calm and finish taking the trash to the curb as Landi walked purposefully to him. She didn’t appear angry, but she wasn’t smiling, either.

I was asleep, I never did anyth—no, no, that means I knew her little girl was there. Okay, think … I was asleep, and … and I have no idea what she’s talking about. Yeah, that works. I hope.

“Listen, would you apologise to Tess for me? I owe you one, too.”

Rob scowled in confusion. “For what?”

“I went too far. We do a lot of chatting and it seems my sex life always dominates the conversation,” Landi explained, smirking slightly at Rob’s discomfort, “so instead, I pressed her for details about you two. I just want to say I’m sorry.”

“I—” Rob began, gobsmacked for a second time already, and it wasn’t even noon. “I appreciate it, but … shouldn’t you say this to her?”

“Lissy and I are going shopping for a while, so … you know, I just didn’t want her to be mad. Okay?”

By this time, Lissy had joined her mother, and smiled at Rob. He smiled back. “Hey, ‘Almost Nine’,” Rob joked, trying for everything he was worth to act as normal. Usually, that nickname got his hip punched. This time, Lissy giggled.

“Okay, I’ll let her know. I’m sure she’s cool with it, though. I’m not bothered—” Rob cut himself off, now that Lissy was standing there. “Yeah, I’ll let her know.”

“Thanks. See ya.”

Rob tried to do some coding, but couldn’t concentrate. The hot sight of Lissy jacking him off in his ‘sleep’ was threatening to send his cock bursting though the seam of his otherwise very comfortable shorts. But there were nagging questions, too: not how Lissy got in, they rarely locked doors in this neighbourhood; but why she did it. Why come in? Why come into the bedroom? Why play with my cock? Why jack me off as if she knew what would happen? Why clean me up?

Why the giggle …

When Tess got home, she was exhausted. Rob had put off masturbating to the memory of Lissy’s handjob in the hopes that he’d get to fuck his girlfriend cross-eyed. But it was not to be; already filled up on hospital food, Tess gave Rob a quick peck, threw off her clothes, and crashed early.

Tess answered her phone early the following morning; she was needed at the same hospital for a different patient. Just as she got to the door, her phone warbled again—her services were no longer required. Tess knew immediately what that meant.

Rob was hoping that his very sexy girlfriend would throw off her clothes and climb back into bed with him, but she chose to take advantage of the opportunity to go for a run. Rob sighed, closed his eyes, and went back to sleep …

… until he felt a gentle breeze once again on his very hard cock. Between his legs was Lissy, holding a can of soda with one hand as she dipped a finger of the other hand into the opening and casually finger-painted his erection. It was one of the most erotic acts Rob had ever seen, and the slight tingle with every gentle touch of cola-coated fingertip was driving him quickly to squirt for this young girl a second time.

When Rob stiffened, Lissy took hold of his jerking manhood and stroked until he came, squirting jets of hot semen onto his own belly in a near-replay of the morning before. Lissy pointed Rob’s cock back toward her a bit, and the next few spasms dribbled straight down onto her hand as she slowed, but didn’t stop, her up-and-down movement. When Rob’s muscles finally relaxed, Lissy let go of her new toy and brought her hand to her mouth, licking off the hot cum and making a face as she swallowed, washing Rob’s sperm down with a gulp of soda. A hot washcloth soon followed, and ‘Almost Nine’ skipped off again.

“Since when do you drink Coke?” Tess asked, smirking slightly.

Rob saw the can of soda in his girlfriend’s hand and he felt his heart skip a beat. “Oh … that. Uh … Lissy came by to say hi,” he said, cutting himself off from saying too much. At that moment, Rob recalled something that he hoped would cut off any further questions.

“That reminds me, Landi wanted to apologise to you.”

“She did? For what?”

“Something about getting personal with you about sex, or something. Said she went too far.”

Tess was puzzled. “Oh-kayyy,” she began, “that was a week ago …”

“Hm.” Rob almost let it go, but he didn’t want the conversation moving back to Lissy. “So … what did you two talk about?”

“Likes, dislikes, positions, you … oh, actually, I owe you an apology.”


“Yeah,” Tess continued. “I mentioned that we sleep in the nude.”

“Oh. Um … meh. No big deal.”

Rob almost asked if Lissy had been there while the women were chatting about sex, but thought better of it. He figured he already knew the answer.

That evening, Rob would not be denied, and Tess would not walk straight for several minutes afterward. Rob was an animal, mashing her perfect half-orange-sized tits, gently biting her nipples, thrashing her clit with his tongue, and ploughing into her sopping-wet pussy from every angle possible. Having already cum that morning, Rob was relentless, moving his amazing girlfriend into a new position each time she orgasmed, and he almost talked her into trying anal again. Finally, with Tess on top, Rob’s overheated brain traveled back to that morning, lying on his back, watching as his cock was finger-painted with cola by ‘Almost Nine’.

“OH, LI—”

Oh, shit.

“Let’s—oh, let’s GO!” Rob improvised weakly, his third cum in two days no less powerful than the others, filling his girlfriend’s tight cunt with cock and cum, stroke after stroke, over and over, as Tess squealed into his ear.

“‘Let’s go’?”

Rob turned to face Tess, who looked like she was about to burst into laughter. One second later, they both did.

“Yeah, that was pretty lame, huh?”

Monday morning, it was Rob’s turn to get an early-morning call from a client; a temp employee had opened a malicious e-mail and the entire system was well fucked. It took nearly the entire day to repair the damage and restore the data.

This is why we do redundant backups, Rob reminded himself. Several times. He immediately worried about some of his latest work from home that wasn’t backed up yet.

It was backed up by the end of the night. So, too, was Tess’s well-trimmed pussy.

Tuesday morning was a turning point for Rob. Tess had an eight o’ clock at her clinic, and Rob lay awake in anticipation of a visit from a little neighbour. Lissy did not disappoint, padding quietly into Rob’s bedroom holding another can of soda. School was out this week—something Rob knew only because Landi had mentioned it in passing to Tess—so that wasn’t on Rob’s mind. Instead, he wondered why ‘Almost Nine’ had a soda at almost eight in the morning—and whether Landi knew it.

Or where she is right now, Rob smirked to himself.

Carefully, Lissy pulled the covers down off of Rob and climbed gently onto the bed between his legs. Dipping one finger into the can, she brought a drip of soda to the underside of Rob’s already-stiff cock and began ‘painting’, this time in little circles. When she was satisfied with whatever design she was making, Lissy leaned forward and licked it off.

It was like electricity; Rob couldn’t stifle a gasp as Lissy’s little tongue made contact. She looked up at his face and, seeing his eyes closed, went back to work. Dip, paint, lick.

Dip, paint, lick.

One drip cascaded down the length of his twitching meat; when ‘Almost Nine’ licked it off his balls, Rob jerked. Lissy giggled. She let another drip to his balls and repeated with her tongue, this time dragging it all the way up to the frenulum. Another drip of soda and the girl’s tongue circled the head.

That was all Rob could take; he tensed, gripped the sheets hard, and exploded …

… into Lissy’s mouth. She had taken the head and about another inch past her lips and let Rob squirt in her mouth, powerful jets that nearly choked this young girl as she swallowed hot jizz from the source for what may have been the first time in her life—or not, for all Rob knew. And still it came; and Lissy ate it all.

That night, Rob was having trouble looking into the eyes of his girlfriend. Tess let it rest until she crawled next to him in bed.

“Okay, what is it? What did I do?” she asked.

Rob steeled himself. “It’s not you. I … I’m sorry.”


“I have a confession to make.”

“Uh oh,” Tess replied, almost teasingly.

“Lissy … Lissy has been sneaking in when I’m asleep, and … well, she … she’s been … playing with my cock.” Rob nearly spat out that last as one word.

“While you were asleep?”

“Well, I woke up, of course. I didn’t want to yell at her, ’cause … well, I didn’t want her to …”

“To stop?”

“Yeah. NO! I mean,” Rob stumbled for words, “I didn’t want to scare her, or traumatise her—you know what I mean. And I was so close to cumming that I … well, yeah, I didn’t want her to stop.”

“Did you cum?”

“Yeah. Wow, did I cum. Then she went into the bathroom and got a washcloth and cleaned me off! Then she left.”

Tess smiled. “Is that when she left the Coke can?”

“No, that was the second time.”

“The second time?” Tess was leaning on an elbow now, all ears.

“Yeah, she was finger-painting me with the soda. Then, there was this morning …”

“Ooh, a third time. Go on.”

You’re enjoying my discomfort way too much, Rob thought. “Yeah, this morning. Finger-painting and this time licking it off. When I came, she put it in her mouth until I was done.”

“Did she swallow?”

“Every drop.”

“Hm.” Tess rolled on to her back. “So, she likes cock, too.”

“‘Too’?” Rob asked.

“I was starting to wonder. After all, she loves pussy.”


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