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Summary: Traveling to certain Asian countries can be very rewarding—if you know where to look.

The following work of fiction is written by Admiral Cartwright (a pseudonym) and presented for entertainment purposes only. Copyright © effective 2017. Distribution of this material or of any predecessor(s) for profit and/or with this information abridged shall constitute a violation of intellectual property law and may result in some serious shit. Unless, of course, you ask the author first.

Praise for Missy

“Wonderful story. I love how Missy remains ‘innocent’ and playful. She sounds so sexy!”

“I sometimes fantasize about being a street whore in some country like that, with that same ‘I’m great and I know it’ attitude. So, uh. Hey. Nice story.”

“Really well written story. Even though she is a prostitute, I love the way Missy clearly enjoys her sex.”

“There’s something about this story that makes it stand out for me from other stories. I think it’s the fact that it reads like a very erotic romantic novel (and a quality one at that). I like it.”

“Absolutely loved it and, man oh man, who couldn’t just pick Missy up and abscond with her?”

The following narrative is 100% fictional. Do not try this at home. Or abroad. Or take pictures. Or look at pictures. Or have someone describe pictures to you. Or …


Don’t fool yourself—finding child prostitutes in certain Eastern countries is very risky. I’ve heard that guys have been tortured and murdered in the local jails before they could be extradited back to their homelands.

That said, if you know where to look, it can be very rewarding.

And I know where to look.

Even then, there are choices to make. I strictly avoid anyone who looks used: folded arms, legs held tightly together, deadness behind the eyes. Anyone abusing these girls deserves what he gets, so I felt absolutely no remorse when I snitched on one particularly nasty guy.

Anonymously, of course.

As for me, I’ve stuck largely to one extended family with several young girls. Yes, they’re making money for their family—and they’re well aware of that fact—but they’ve been raised in an environment where sex is pleasant at minimum, and sometimes quite fun. Each girl has her own likes, dislikes and quirks and, as a result, I love them all for varying reasons. Some of the younger girls are merely emulating what the older ones do, and often for just a few seconds at a time; still, they giggle, prod each other to do more, and all I have to do in those moments is lie there and enjoy it.

The eldest just turned thirteen. We’ve been fucking since she was ten, and fully deeply since right after her eleventh birthday. This is impressive because I’m no slouch in the cock department—just over eight inches, and as big around as the younger girls’ forearms.

What’s not so impressive is that she’s completely mechanical. She’s never been hesitant or in any obvious distress, but she doesn’t seem to be getting much out of it. She just lies there, silently and with her eyes closed, or rides me with her eyes closed, or takes it from behind while emotionlessly reciting lines from pornos we’ve watched.

Still, she’s the only real fuck so far, so we fuck, and it feels wonderful (for me, anyway). I’ve shot off deep in her young pussy, shaking with the intensity of my orgasm, taking serious pleasure in something most guys aren’t allowed to do—because they haven’t been ‘fixed’.

Two of the other girls can take me about half-way. The eleven-year-old is also a pretty enthusiastic cocksucker. She didn’t like cum at first, taking one squirt then spitting quickly into a nearby towel. Over time, she started taking more squirts. Now, she’ll finish me, sometimes holding it in her mouth if I want a photographic keepsake, then spit it all out.

One of the nine-year-olds surprised me last time we were together. She’d never let me cum in her mouth before, but she saw one of the younger girls do it; on that day, she wanted me to record her with my phone while she wrapped her lips tightly behind the head of my cock and jacked me off. Opening wide afterward, she gave me a good view of my cum before she swallowed, laughed, and stuck out her tongue as if to say, “so there!”

I treasure that video!

The other nine-year-old, just turned, is Missy. (All of the girls are assigned Western-sounding names; I assume that’s so good clients can find them during future visits. No doubt some serious consideration led to ‘Missy’. I kid.) To the other girls, bless their hearts, my cock is a toy, or at least a diversion; to Missy, it’s a lover.

Missy was pretty much like the other girls when we first started. She was seven and, yes, my cock was a toy, but she was always a little more ready to take extra turns when one or more of the other girls was also there. Squirting my cum in her face always got a big smile and a giggle; eventually she, too, got used to the taste.

What I love most about Missy is she always seems to want more—more cock, and more of it. She pays attention to the porn we watch and is the only one of the girls who is interested in developing technique.

She genuinely makes love to my cock, watching me respond to her movements, how she uses her tongue and hands, how she moves her head, how she takes me deeper and with more relish than do the other girls. I’m eight inches and fairly girthy, remember; Missy can take almost five of them. Last time we had her cousin with us, she barely gave the other girl a chance to touch me. A fuck video was playing on the big-screen TV and, as the woman was getting closer to her (acted, I’m sure) orgasm, Missy kept the head of my cock behind her lips as she started jerking me so fast her hand was a blur. Occasionally changing hands or backing off to take a breath, she was going to make me cum and she knew it. I squirted hard into her mouth, as her hand slowed and she took my cock in about half-way. She slid off a moment later and let my cum drip onto my belly as she reached for a towel to wipe her face, giggling heartily at my still twitching cock.

Our most recent session—they are sessions, after all—was our best yet. I always tickle and kiss the girls and try to make them cum; the eleven-year-old acts like she’s cumming when I half-fuck her, but I’m pretty sure she’s acting. Missy cums every time I eat her perfectly hairless peach, and this time was no different. In fact, her little clit seemed more distended than usual as I attacked it and her little hole. She smiled and squealed and squirmed under my ministrations, finally pushing my head away. Oh, no, my little lover, not yet.

I planted gentle kisses on her legs as Missy came down from orgasm, and I waited for her legs to splay again, then the kisses slowly crept back to her sex. A slow, gentle tongue-bath led her hands back behind my head and I attacked her clit again, bringing her to another squealing orgasm, then a third.

When she pushed me away this time, I stood, spreading my feet to align our respective organs, and pushed the head of my cock past her little labia. To my surprise, she giggled.

Missy appeared to be in pain past three inches, so I gave her a mini-fuck to our mutual delight. When I was just about to cum, she sat up, pushed me away, and began sucking about half my cock while stroking me with her right hand. I came hard, filling her immature mouth with cock and cum, a mere dribble escaping her lips. As I relaxed, she turned and found the towel, covering and wiping her mouth.

We hugged and kissed, and she went to the bathroom to clean up. As I gathered up the towel, I was careful to avoid any dripping from the puddle of cum—

… that wasn't there! Missy had swallowed?

My cock twitched; it’s twitching now as I write this. I cannot wait for my next visit.

I thought this year’s visit was going to be a complete bust. The older girl is 14 now, and she’s been allowed to ‘retire’ and live with her rich, older boyfriend. All the other girls were terribly sick; apparently, there was a nasty bug going around. Thank Google for its translation software; the medicine they needed was expensive—I’m comfortable, not rich—but I couldn’t watch them suffer. Yes, I’m a client, but I really care for these girls. I like to think that’s the reason they always seem happy to see me.

I wasn’t interested in looking for other ‘company’, though, so rather than stay cooped up in an empty hotel room—nice though it is—I spent most of the first two days playing the tourist, taking in sights I’ve seen many times before. I stuck with the tried-and-true spots, for two reasons: one, being used to comparatively bland food, restaurants that take it easy on the local spices are my preference anyway; and two, I had no idea where or how the girls got sick.

“Better safe than sorry” isn’t just a cliché—it’s mandatory, given the main reason I’m here.

My second day ended with a long walk along the beach, both to work off a heavy dinner and to take in the sights. Back in my room, I had just finished a shower when I heard a light but rapid tapping at my door. Still nude, I peeked around the door into the hallway and couldn’t hold back a huge grin: Missy!

Clearly feeling better, she ran in and peeled off her clothes almost as quickly as I’d shut and locked the door, then jumped up into my arms, threw her little arms around my neck, and began kissing me with all the pressure, enthusiam, and tongue of the horniest women I’ve ever known.

Oh, that kiss—I’ll never forget that kiss. This was not porn-star-actor kissing; this was mashed-faces, hands-in-hair, tongues-in-battle, ten-year-old-pussy-dripping-on-my-hard-as-ever-cock kissing as we stood just inside my hotel-room door. Well, I stood—her legs were clamped tight around my torso.

I broke off just long enough to give her a big smile, and her nose a little lick. She giggled like only Missy can giggle, and went right back to sucking my face.

I think I’m in love. I know I’m in lust.

Ignoring the pain of a stubbed toe on the way to the bed, I tossed her backward onto the mattress to raucous laughter, and took stock of her growing body. It’s been about a year, and ten-year-old Missy has grown an inch or two. Her nipples have only just begun to puff out, and a slight flare of her hips accentuates her wonderful arse.

Enough of that; I jumped onto the bed and atop Missy, planting little kisses all over her body, setting off a whole new fit of giggles. She settled only slightly as I clamped gently down on one nipple to lick and suck. Her eyes widened at this (apparently) new sensation, and it was my turn to giggle. When I took equal care with her other nipple, she let out a small sigh.

Missy’s hands were already on top of my head as I made my way to her near-hairless sex. No surprise, this—the girls are shaved as needed, but Missy still has the tiny hairs that will eventually darken and thicken, so I reveled in her perfect peach. Kisses led to long, gentle licks up and down the length of her young slit, and Missy planted her feet on my shoulders for better access. There’s a gentle tang and a faint sweetness to her taste as I got her juices flowing, stopping every so often to flick with my tongue the little button that will make her come.

In my home country, there are certain unwritten rules among prostitutes; they never kiss, intimacy is necessary only as far as getting the client’s rocks off, and anything more costs more. Missy knows she’s a prostitute, at least to the extent that she’s earning money for herself, her family, and her ‘family’, and she’s having absolutely none of anyone’s rules but her own. Missy came on my tongue, her pelvis jerking in precise time to her little squeals of pleasure.

With a loud, happy sigh, she started to get up as if to return the favour, and I held my hand up in a ‘stop’ gesture. Standing, I grabbed gently behind her knees and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Yes, her blowjobs are amazing, but I was in the mood to fuck. A little lubricant and a little push and, just like that, I was halfway inside her scorching hot little pussy.

Oh, wow!

Reminding myself that I can’t be her only client, I tried to not show any surprise as I slid out a bit and back in, a fraction deeper, and again, and again, until I hit bottom with about an inch to go. It’s still a bit weird to watch nearly eight healthy inches of cock slide effortlessly into such a young girl, but the expression on Missy’s face was weirder: wide-eyed, her lips were screwed into an unmistakable “see what I can do?” smirk.

Yep. I’m in love.

Missy closed her eyes and hummed tunelessly as I fucked her deeply, gradually getting closer to burying all eight inches in her otherwise immature cunt. All too soon she was cumming again, reaching for me to lean over so she could wrap her arms around my neck and kiss me, moaning something incoherent into my open mouth.

I picked her up with one arm behind her back and lay down with Missy straddling me, letting her fuck me for a while. This was a new experience for her, and it took several moments to figure out a rhythm. Even then, she took it slowly—not due to any discomfort, but because she seemed to want to relish the sensations flooding her young mind as she slid nearly off my cock and all the way back down with each stroke. When she came again, Missy literally collapsed onto my chest, shaking, forcing me to grab her hips and keep her moving, all the while squealing “Huh! Huh! Huh!” in time with my thrusts.

I stiffened, ready to unload. Missy had other plans, practically jumping off of me and down between my legs, where she took my cock in hand and in mouth, taking well over half my length and down her throat for the first time. In the haze of one of my most powerful orgasms ever, I could see and feel her throat muscles working as she left no doubt this time—Missy would miss not a drop.

Her pace slowed as my cum subsided, taking most of my still-hard length down her throat several more times before backing off with a pop. Missy looked for a towel and, seeing none, playfully wiped her lips on my belly before climbing back up to give me another passionate, if clearly exhausted, kiss. Moving back down slightly, she lay her head on my chest and fell straight to sleep.

My last thought as I joined her in slumber was, Oh, yeah, I’m in love.

When I awakened to the sound of my phone, it was dark outside. Missy’s matron was calling; yes, she’s here. Yes, we’re fine. Yes, I know overnights are extra—but don’t forget the medicine I bought for the girls.

Yes, here she is.

The pair had an animated chat in a language I should learn someday, beyond the few simple phrases that have served me well over the years. One of them is the equivalent of “thank you”, which Missy nearly squealed into the phone before hanging up.

She crawled back on top of me and we kissed, passionately but gently this time, my hands exploring her entire backside, my cock pounding in time with my accelerating heartbeat. Missy started backing onto my raging hard-on, but I had other ideas—I hadn’t taken her doggy-style yet.

Planting her knees on the side of the bed, I stood and walked behind her, retrieving the lube from the nightstand. Missy looked over her shoulder and smiled as I entered a perfect pussy that was so hot and wet, the lube might’ve been redundant. By the third stroke, I was buried completely in her ten-year-old silken sleeve, the view blowing my mind. I have to get a video of this, I thought, so I slid out of her hot cunt long enough to turn on all the lights in the bedroom and grab my phone.

I got every angle I could: from above, both sides, and underneath, as I took my time sliding all eight inches of cock in and out of her wonderful little pussy, making yet another video I will cherish forever.

And, no, you can’t see it, sorry.

Enough recording; it’s time to cum. I grabbed Missy’s hips and picked up our pace, loudly slapping my pubic region into her slightly jiggling arse, pounding her pussy hard. Missy began that familiar, staccato grunt, and I growled in prelude to what would be a monster orgasm that I swear I could feel from scalp to toes. Missy’s grunts pitched up, higher and louder, and I could feel her shake with the force of her own orgasm, her neck arching, collapsing, then arching again.

Finally, my legs and back seemed to give out and I collapsed forward, pushing Missy into the mattress and forcing my softening cock free from our sloppy coupling. I rolled aside and onto my back so we could both breathe, panting from the sheer force of our respective explosions—in fact, the only reason I knew Missy was okay was the shit-eating grin she was wearing as her breathing slowed and slumber took over.

Gently, I moved my little lover onto her pillow and pulled the bedcovers over her. I stumbled to the bathroom, had a serious leak, washed up, turned out the lights, and crawled into bed next to this ten-year-old best lover I’ve ever known.

I want her, I thought, drifting off. But how?

It’s a cliché but, guys, if you’ve never awakened to getting your willy sucked, you have to try it. Missy had her hand around the base as she methodically took the rest of my cock into her mouth and past her gullet, about six inches each time. I almost signaled her to try it all, but it felt too good, so fuck it—orgasm was approaching anyway. I moaned and stiffened, and Missy let her hand take over as I filled her not-so-little mouth with my hot cum. This time, she showed me the fruits of her efforts before she swallowed, then crawled up and kissed me, sharing my taste, giggling as I wrapped my arms around her in a good-morning hug.

I turned on the local version of Cartoon Network and ordered room service, all the while thinking on a plan. Working girls here are allowed to ‘retire’, so to speak, but that doesn’t mean they’re not pressured to keep making money as long as they’re desired by locals and tourists alike. No doubt her matron would want to be compensated for losing Missy; could I afford it? There had to be a proverbial offer she couldn’t refuse. I wanted to make Missy mine, and me hers.

Which led to the big question: does Missy want this?

Any plan was moot if the answer was no, so I grabbed my phone, typed “Would you want to stay with me forever?” into the translator app, and showed Missy, holding my breath. A second later, I got my answer: a wide-eyed Missy jumped into my arms, wrapped hers tightly around my neck, and hugged me so hard I thought I might pass out.

Okay, that’s out of the way. Now what?

I’m repeating myself, but while I’m comfortable enough to make these trips, sometimes twice a year, I’m hardly rich. I was afraid to ask Missy’s matron and have my hopes dashed. After all, she’d be losing a source of inco—

That’s it! I don’t need to replace Missy, I thought, I need to replace me!

I knew exactly one person. Eric is my one true friend, currently attending university up in South Korea, where I learned Web design; that our services are entirely online now is the reason I can travel, and work from literally anywhere I can get WiFi. Eric knows of my preference for the young stuff, but does he know how young? One of these girls was six when we started—I don’t think of her as sexy but, having been sexualised, she gives great head. At the time, she could suck in more than three inches, matching some of the older girls.

But I digress. What would I be risking if I invited Eric down here for a few days?

I called the girls’ matron to check on their health; they’d all recovered. One was with a customer and Missy was already with me, so four girls were available. I asked that they be put on stand-by, and then called Eric. My timing was perfect; he had a few days to kill and would be here the next morning.

Everything was set. Fingers were crossed. I hope this works.

That night, Missy was exceptionally romantic; she wanted everything slow and easy, to savour every feeling we could give each other. Her mouth slowly devouring my cock was exquisite, and the time had come: she routinely took the head and another inch or so into her throat, so I signaled her to try taking it all.

Missy mimicked my hand signal and held my cock with only her thumb and forefinger, swallowing more than seven inches, but not the whole thing. Gently, I moved her hand out of the way, and her nose touched my pubes, my entire length disappearing from my view.

Once again, I grabbed my phone off the nightstand and made yet another video to cherish.

Missy being Missy, she backed off with a slight pop and looked at me with her wide-eyed smirk, as if to say, yeah, I can do that too. Seconds later, I was filling her mouth with cum again.

She surprised me this time, climbing up, face to face, and dumping my own load into my mouth as she kissed me.

I’ve tasted worse things.

I didn’t swallow, though. Rolling her over onto her back, I returned the favour, letting our saliva and my cum dribble back into her mouth. She giggled into my mouth as our kiss continued.

Breaking off, I started kissing her neck and down her young chest to a puffy nipple, licking slowly and deliberately in response to her desire to savour every sensation. After the other nipple, I kissed slowly down her belly and changed direction, kissing one hip and slowly down her left leg, letting my tongue tickle her into fits of giggles that gave way to laughter as I sucked her toes, one at a time. Back up the right leg, she was literally in tears laughing when I finally arrived at my destination, reveling in the tangy-sweet taste of Missy’s very wet pussy.

Slowly driving her nuts, I’d back off her little clit each time she started to tense up, denying her orgasm, eliciting a moan both of frustration and joy as the new sensations tortured her. Bringing her close again, I alternated between little flicks of my tongue on her button and long passes down the length of her slit. When finally Missy came, I heard her scream for the first time as her legs, arms, back, neck, everything seemed to lose all control, flailing about with the sheer intensity of her strongest orgasm yet.

I lay beside her as she wheezed like an old woman trying to find her breath, occasionally muttering words—gibberish?—I’d never heard before. She turned to me, smiled, kissed me gently, then climbed on top and slowly slid my recovered cock all the way into her pussy, without lube.

I was right—I may never need that stuff again. Well, vaginally, anyway.

Missy rode me as slowly as she could, letting me feel every ripple in her tight sheath while she enjoyed every ridge, bump and vein of my near-painful hard-on. Her eyes nearly bugged out when I flexed my muscles, causing my cock to twitch. She’d giggle at each repeat performance.

Her pace was picking up, and I lay passively, giving her complete control. Missy was moaning again, her voice deeper than usual, a tuneless song to which only she knew the lyrics. She started first, her ‘song’ reaching its crescendo, sending me over the edge as I pumped squirt after squirt of fresh semen into her trembling cunt, fairly vibrating around my twitching cock.

Missy resumed a slower pace, once again savouring every moment as she came down from her orgasm, sighing in high-pitched revelry, still taking in the whole of my cock with each soft stroke. At that moment, I was relieved that I’d been ‘fixed’; if she was capable of conceiving, this would have been the time.

Eric called early, confirming that he was indeed on the way. Missy and I showered, somehow resisting the urge to play with each other; when we left to take Missy home, I called down to the desk to request housekeeping, and gave them Eric’s name with instructions to give him a key.

The other four girls were ready; I paid for their services and waited for Eric to call me from my room. Missy knew what was going on thanks to translation software and the fact that, much to my delight, we both spoke a little Korean, though she’d never been up there. She also knew to not spill anything about us to her matron just yet.

Finally, Eric called, and I told him I’d be there in a few minutes with a big surprise. Take a shower and wait naked on the bed, I told him; when he started to object, I cut him off.

About fifteen minutes later, the girls and I arrived at my room, and I gave them the universal signal to keep quiet. Once in the entryway with the door closed, I gestured for the girls to take off their clothes and head to the bedroom. Once there, they gasped.

I’ll be honest: Eric is a hunk. Half Korean and half American, Eric is both better looking and in better shape than I am, and four girls aged eight to eleven may well have just laid eyes on the most beautiful man they’d ever seen. I think I heard Eric gasp, too, but that was quickly drowned out by squeals and giggles and other, far more sexy noises. I headed for the living room and watched CNN for a couple of hours.

When finally they all came bounding out of the bedroom, the girls were all smiles. Eric’s expression, on the other hand, was somewhere between complete satisfaction and utter disbelief.

Eric knew there was child prostitution in this country, but he was still having trouble dealing with the concept when we discussed it a few minutes later. I told him that was the reason I picked him, since I planned to ‘retire’ with Missy; the girls needed a new benefactor, and I knew Eric would treat them right.

Long story summarised—and after calling me an arsehole a few times, however playfully—Eric agreed, and the girls’ matron was happy to meet him. Permission to ‘retire’ granted, Missy smiled, yelled “Yes!” in English, and jumped into another hug that nearly suffocated me yet again. Hugs, kisses and maybe a few tears between friends and family later, Missy left with me and back to the hotel.

We’re thinking of moving to South Korea. What do you think?

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