You Bet It’s Hallowe’en
Story codes: Mg11, cons
Summary: A bet goes very, very wrong on Hallowe’en—or very, very right.

The following work of fiction is written by Admiral Cartwright (a pseudonym) and presented for entertainment purposes only. Copyright © effective 2018. Distribution of this material or of any predecessor(s) for profit and/or with this information abridged shall constitute a violation of intellectual property law and may result in some serious shit. Unless, of course, you ask the author first.

Praise for You Bet It’s Hallowe’en

“Great story. It sure brought some life into this 73-year-old senior.”

“Love it. Tera and Virginia should have more stories!”

“Hot damn, that was a good one. Loved the back story as to what started it all.”

“That is my fantasy for Hallowe’en.”

“I want some more candy now, too!”

You Bet It’s Hallowe’en

“My, my, these Hallowe’en costumes get sexier every year, don’t they?” the old man smiled at the vision of loveliness standing on his doorstep. As he reached for the candy bowl, he got another show as the girl—who could not have been more than 12, he thought—began to shiver and moan as if she were being given an orgasm by some unseen stimulation. Openly leering, the man reached for a handful of candy only to have his elderly wife slap it out of his hand. The girl’s orgasm suddenly stopped as the old woman yanked her husband back inside and slammed the door; an instant later, the porch light went dark.

Eleven-year-old Tera Hyman was still shaking as she walked back toward the sidewalk and her 14-year-old sister, ostensibly acting as the younger girl’s chaperone, but this shaking was out of barely controlled rage. “Nice fucking job, Virgin-ya,” Tera spat, using her favourite mispronunciation of her sister’s name.

“Hey, it’s not my fault the old bat showed up, squirt.”

“Yeah huh. You left it on too long.”

“Whatever,” Virginia spat back. “Here’s the next house. See if you can get some goddamned candy this time.”

Tera made her way to the entrance and rang the bell. “Trick or treat!” she announced to the opening of the door, and two people stood frozen for a moment. The young woman inside was wearing nearly the identical outfit as her young visitor outside: a see-through babydoll over a black sports bra and shorts. Except Tera’s shorts were way shorter.

“Nice,” said the woman, recovering first. “Your mom let you out like that, huh?”

“Um … well …”

“Yeah, thought not.” Just as the woman reached for some candy to give to this obvious child, Tera began to shake again, her short breaths punctuated by moaning sounds that could only mean one thing. An instant later, Tera reached for the door jamb for support, her legs buckling.

The woman dumped half the bowl of candy into Tera’s bag. “Thanks for the show, sweetie,” she said, reaching one hand into her shorts as she closed the door.

“Wow, you see that?” Virginia asked as her sister joined her on the sidewalk. “You made her so horny!”

“Yeah, whatever. I’m out here for the candy, right?”

At the next door was a middle-aged woman who looked for all the world like she wanted to spank the girl for her slutty outfit. Instead, she harrumphed, gave out one stick of chewing gum, and slammed the door.

“Bitch,” both sisters said as one, giggling afterward.

The fourth house also had its porch light on, which came as a surprise to the girls. The man who lived here was a firefighter and EMT, and the girls had literally never seen the man.

Until he opened the door.

FOR THE FIRST time in three years, Major Johnson had Hallowe’en night off, and he was hoping to be rewarded with a little eye candy. Tera did not disappoint, even if she was a little younger than he normally preferred. Just a little.

Nor did he disappoint the girls. Eye candy, indeed.

“Wow, that’s the best costume I’ve seen tonight,” Johnson gushed honestly. “You look good enough to eat … um, candy. Good enough to eat candy,” he finished, blushing slightly, not wanting to be too obvious with his lust.

VIRGINIA TOOK HER queue, and the remote, and turned her sister’s hidden vibrator to maximum. Tera immediately clamped her legs together and doubled over in pleasure and pain, squealing with the intensity of her orgasm, before collapsing in the doorway.

“Oh shit!” Virginia screamed. “Oh my god! Tera! I’m sorry! Are you okay? I didn’t mean—oh, shit!”

JOHNSON PICKED UP the girl and carried her to his couch just as she was returning to consciousness. Virginia followed, closing the front door behind her. “Tera, I’m sorry,” the older girl sobbed, “I didn’t mean to—”

“Shut up, arsehole,” Tera shot back. Johnson, confused, noticed that the younger girl in the impossibly sexy ‘costume’ was actually smiling a bit.

“Okay, ladies, what’s going on?”

“I lost a bet,” Tera began, “so I had to go out like this.”

Johnson saw the remote in the older girl’s hands, and recognition dawned. “Wow, really? You’re wearing a vibrator?”

Major Johnson grew harder and harder as the explanation spilled out.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“GET OUT! Get out of my room,” Tera hissed at her older sister, holding the dildo in place as she got up from her bed to slam the door. Virginia blocked it.

“Oh, my god, that’s—that’s inside you,” the 14-year-old’s voice softened.

Tera calmed a bit, still holding the very adult-sized plastic cock in place. “No shit, Virgin-ya,” she teased her big sister. “Just because you’re a virgin—”

“Wait. You’re only eleven, squirt. You’ve actually fucked someone?”

“Well, no, not a real guy yet, but this ‘cock’ feels really good in my 11-year-old pussy. You're an old woman, and I’ll bet you can’t even do it.”

Virginia wasn’t about to let her kid sister win a bet like that. “Okay, fine,” she started, looking between her sister’s legs and seeing several inches of vibrator still visible. “You wanna bet, huh? How big is that thing?”

Tera loved being better than her big sister at anything they could think of; backing down was not happening. She went back to her bed and lay down, pulling the slick fake dick from her very wet cunt. “Uh … eight inches, I think?”

Virginia nodded. “Looks right. Okay, here’s the bet: you take all of that, nothing left out, and I’ll put it in me, too …”

“Aw, c’mon, you’ll let this take your precious virginity? I don’t believe it.”

“I will, swear to god. But if you can’t,” Virginia paused, thinking. “If you can’t take it all, you have to go trick-or-treating like a hooker, with that inside you the whole time.”

“Oh, hell, no,” Tera complained. “People could see it sticking out of me.”

“But your clothes would hold it in, right?”

The younger girl considered it. “I have a smaller one that you can’t see.”

“Really? Where are you getting all this stuff?”

“None-ya. I just have it. It even has a wireless remote,” Tera added, immediately regretting it.

Virginia’s eyes lit up. “And I get to hold it.”

Tera fumed, knowing her sister would say that. But all she had to do was take this plastic cock all the way inside her and Virginia would be Virgin-ya no more.


Tera lay back on her bed and inserted her dildo, quickly working her way up to six of the eight inches that the girls correctly guessed. No matter what, though, that final two inches would not go.

And Virginia was victorious.

Johnson was in pain at this point, his cock pounding in his pants. “Ladies,” he began, more than a bit nervously, “that story was so hot. There’s a real cock right here that’s so hard it’s killing me. Can I let it out?”

Tera was fully conscious by now, her eyes never wider. “Please, mister? Please?”

Virginia was equally alert, but could only nod. Vigorously.

Johnson stood up, opened his button and fly, and let his pants fall to the floor. The bulge in his tighty-whities seemed huge. “Last chance to stop me,” he said.

“No way,” Tera smirked. “I want to see it.”

She gasped as Major Johnson stood proudly. “Damn, that’s as big as my dildo!”

“Whoa,” Virginia whispered.

Suddenly more aware than ever that her sister was there, Tera leaned back into the couch, ripped off her very tight black shorts, yanked out the pink, remote-controlled vibrator, and threw it at her sister. “I want that cock in me right now!” Tera growled in a voice too deep for her age.

Johnson nearly threw his coffee table out of the way as he knelt before the most perfect bald pussy he’d ever seen—and he’d seen a fair few. No second guesses this time; a little spit to slick up the head of his eight-inch johnson and he slid it home, bottoming out at six inches.

It was heaven. Tight, yet forgiving, Tera’s not-so-immature cunt slowly, gradually, painlessly let more and more of her first real cock in. Six and a half inches. Seven. Seven and a half. When the last bit finally slid inside, Tera came with a ferocity even the vibrator couldn’t match, somehow keeping her wits about her as Johnson spurted, adding to the natural lubrication and obscene slapping of skin to skin that accompanied the animalistic coupling of a 31-year-old man and an eleven-year-old trick-or-treater.

While Virginia could only watch in awe.

All the way home, ‘Virgin-ya’ had to endure the sing-song taunts of her little sister. “I got to fuck before you did! I got to fuck before you did!”

Major Johnson had nearly nodded off in front of the television when his doorbell rang. He checked his phone. “Who the fuck is ringing at eleven-thirty?”

When he opened the door, Johnson marvelled at the sight of a grinning, 14-year-old girl wearing a too-short baby-doll over a black sports bra and impossibly tight shorts—the same outfit he’d seen on her younger sibling only a few hours ago.

“Trick or treat?”

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